PicLens WordPress Plugin

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Dec 182007

In the last post I described the steps required build a mediaRSS feed for your web photo content, as well as tools we’ve built to automate that process for you.

Today I’m pleased to announce that if you have a blog running on the WordPress blog engine, you don’t need any of that! We’ve created a PicLens WordPress plugin that generates a mediaRSS feed for all the photos in your WordPress blog posts.

The PicLens WordPress Plugin requires WordPress version 2.3 or later (well, technically WordPress 2.1 will work, but without widget support).  You install the plugin into your /wp-content/plugins subdirectory on your blog server, activate it on the Plugins tab of your WordPress admin page, and you’re good to go!  The PicLens WordPress plugin will automatically find photos in your past blog posts, add a “View in PicLens” link to those posts, and reference the PicLens Lite web control for your visitors who don’t have the PicLens plugin installed.  All you have to do is create blog posts with photos.

Which reminds me…  I need to post some photos to this blog (which is running on WordPress code, btw) so you can see PicLens, PicLens Lite, and the PicLens WordPress plugin in action!