PicLens for IE!

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Dec 062007

The CoolIris elves have been hard at work creating a plugin to bring the PicLens photo experience to the IE browser. After many weeks of coding, tweaking, and testing, our first IE beta plugin is now available for download! Just go to www.piclens.com with your IE 6 or 7 browser and click on the Download button.

It’s a great relief to get PicLens IE out the door, but that’s not the only thing we’ve been working on lately. Stay tuned for more announcements and releases “real soon now”…

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  1. OK, I’ll bite: Any thoughts on the differences between writing a plugin for IE vs Firefox?

    I’ve started work on an IE plugin of my own, and it’s rather easy (except no obvious way of registering a hotkey to launch my little plugin of love). I tried searching for some good docs on how to write Firefox plugins, but no luck so far (and certainly no readily available Delphi-based examples).


  2. Hi Rune! On IE vs Firefox plugin development: IE plugins are complicated by a heavily multithreaded environment (each browser tab is a window the runs in a different thread). Firefox is considerably simpler in the threading department.

    IE has the benefit of better online documentation, perhaps in part because you have access to fewer pieces of the browser. Firefox has the benefit of source, but how useful is it to have millions of lines of source at your beck and call when all you want is to find out when / how a specific function should be used? It’s much harder to get a clear picture of how to do something in Firefox because there are so many pieces of the browser available to you that you have to sort out before you can do anything.

    I should probably develop this topic into a full article, eh?


  3. Well, from what I can tell, some pointers in the right direction would be useful. :) But no worries Danny, I’ll probably find something by the time I need it.

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