Nov 172007

The latest PicLens .xpi for Firefox is now downloadable from Mozilla. The flood of downloads (thanks to Firefox’s automatic updates for plugins) has already begun. I’m sure this will provide hours of entertainment for our server guys. To say they’re huddled around the file server console at this very moment watching the download rates and toasting marshmallows on the server pile would be an outrageous exaggeration, but a fun visual nonetheless.

I forgot to mention in the earlier 1.5.15 announcement: This build solves the annoying screen flicker when launching PicLens on a Vista machine. The screen flicker was caused by our testing the video system a certain way that caused Vista to kick into XP compatibility mode, which causes a noticable screen flicker. We don’t need XP compatibility mode, so we changed our test so that Vista wouldn’t think we do.

Now back to the very serious business of making s’mores!