PicLens 1.5.15 Update

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Nov 062007

We posted an update to the PicLens plugin for Firefox and Safari browsers last night, version 1.5.15.

The Firefox update fixes a handful of niggling buglets but otherwise no visible changes.

The Safari update gets PicLens working with Safari in the new Leopard release of OSX. The technique for loading a plugin into the Safari browser is not exactly direct, since Safari doesn’t officially support plugins at all, but pretty standard for Mac Cocoa apps in general. Unfortunately, the Leopard release “rotated shield frequencies” just enough to throw the loading technique off kilter. Austin worked out a variation on the technique that Leopard doesn’t object to (and still works in OSX 10.4), so PicLens Safari is full speed ahead in Leopard Mac OSX 10.5!

Meanwhile, we’re hard at work on getting PicLens into more browsers and operating systems. Oh, and new features, too! Stay tuned.