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Oct 142007

Usil, we have blogsign

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  1. I wonder how many folks caught the reference? :)

  2. Not me. But I’m dense.

    Welcome (back) to life outside The Machine!

  3. Welcome to the party!

    Yes, it is a rather obscure reference, on two fronts.

    First, those were the words I used to launch the Delphi Compiler Core blog in 2003.

    Second, it’s a reference to Dune, a quote from the scene where they’re assaulting the compound, about to breach the wall. “Usil, we have wormsign (the likes of which even God has never seen!)”

    That last part seemed a little much for a blog post, but the rest seemed appropriate.

  4. Thanks. Nice party!

    I must have read Dune when I was still in high school; might be time to revisit it (though given the stack o’ books next to my bed, I doubt it will be soon).

    And I have to admit that I wasn’t reading the Delphi Compiler Core blog (shame on me). My Delphi usage was pretty minimal by then, alas.

    Maybe I need to fire up Kylix to cheer me up.

  5. Dunno if the quote survives from the Dune books; I never read the books. That probably explains why I like the movie. ;>

  6. The Dune trilogy was really quite good. It is deserving of its consistent place near the top of the lists of best SciFi novels of all time.

    We had some discussion of said lists on my blog and/or a friend’s…all runs together now. I was quite amazed at how many of the top books I had read. Something over 60 of the top 100.

    And Dune would probably be in my top 10. Somewhere behind Kylix for Dummies. (Or was that Fantasy?)

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