Sep 272007

TMobile announced this week the addition of the Blackberry 8230 “Curve” to the list of cell phones supported by TMobile’s [email protected] WiFi phone service.

This is a big step up in handset functionality over the minimalistic handsets that the service launched with earlier this year.  I’m very tempted to jump in, since the Blackberry can do web surfing and web email that I crave, but of course there are just two little things that would make it just perfect:  a smaller smartphone handset (the Curve is almost as wide as it is tall) and a smartphone handset that can run .NET CF applications.

Not that I’ve written any .NET CF apps lately, mind you, but just because I like having that option at my disposal.  I’ve endured locked phones before where the only thing you can do with the phone is what the cellular provider says you can do with it (thanks, Nextel) and I don’t intend to go through that again.

Smartphone with WiFi calling…  Tempting, very tempting…

Originally published on my MSDN blog.