Aug 242007

Yesterday the Seattle Times ran an article about Penny Arcade and the overnight success of the Penny Arcade Expo.  I had to laugh a little when the article used the words “imploded” and “E3” in the same sentence.  I used pretty much the same pairing of words back in my January 2007 Events Calendar post.

The Seattle Times article has more timely data than that January post, naturally.  PAX2007 is expecting some 30,000 people through its doors this weekend.  Thirty Thousand!  Jiminy Cricket!  PAX2005 was only 1500 or so people (and 3x the expected turnout even then).

E3 Dies Again

In other news, FiringSquad reports that the new event that came out of nowhere, E for All Expo, is having trouble attracting major exhibitors.  Sony is not interested, Microsoft is noncommittal.  The only player signed up so far is Nintendo.  E for All Expo is the brainchild of IDC, the very makers and destroyers of the late great E3 Expo.  If this is IDC’s attempt to rectify their choice to kill consumer access to E3, it sounds like the vendors are not playing ball.  And why should they?  IDC has a terrible track record with the consumer market.

Originally published on my MSDN blog.