Aug 242007

MSN just launched The Podium ’08 as part of their 2008 US Presidential election coverage.  The Podium ’08 brings together data on presidential candidates for voters and election followers to explore by topic and compare candidates head to head on specific issues.

What’s interesting about The Podium is that the content is not canned editorial material.  When you select a candidate and click on a specific issue (say, Immigration) to see where the candidate stands on that issue, the list of articles displayed is actually drawn from Live Search on the fly.  As new articles appear on the web on these candidates and these topics, those articles will appear in The Podium 08 for that candidate and topic.

The Podium 08 is built using Silverlight 1.0 to present a slick, modern rich UI experience that seamlessly and intelligently integrates services on the back-end.

Want to see what Software plus Services means to the average Joe?  Take a look at The Podium 08.

Originally published on my MSDN blog.