Apr 302007

Soundbyte streams from the MIX07 keynote, live and raw:

Ray Ozzie on platforms, emergence of rich web apps doesn’t mean stand-alone client apps are going away.  Some apps are best viewed as services with client component, other apps are best viewed as client apps with server components. Shrink wrap isn’t going away, but is likely to grow into server side extensions to the app’s capabilities.

Scott Guthrie: Silverlight was announced a few weeks ago as a rich media technology.  Today at MIX07, Silverlight gains a new cross-platform .NET CLR runtime optimized for fast web download and execution in the browser – IE, Firefox, and other browsers.

Silverlight Streaming: developers can use Microsoft’s extensive content delivery networks to deploy Silverlight content / applications over the web.

Netflix (Neil Hunt) & Razorfish showed an online movie viewing experience built on Silverlight.  This is Netflix’s holy grail of moving movies on demand over the Internet. (“instant watching”)

Netflix viewer built with Expression Suite, passing XAML to devs.

Netflix viewer built in less than 3 weeks!  Razorfish got the call to start working on this app only 3 weeks ago.

Netfix (Silverlight) movie player running on a Mac in Firefox.

Shared viewing:  invite friend to view same movie as you, movie playback sync’d.  IM messaging while movie watching

{Hmm…  Great opportunity to build your own MST3K peanut gallery movie viewer}


Wayne Smith on Expression Studio

Designer support for Silverlight

Video prepared for the web:  Expression Media Encoder

Drop time markers that can be referenced by code

A/B compare mode to compare video playback between source and compressed output.  Playback sidebyside

Silverlight template selection in encoder

Expression Design

export designer sets to xaml, silverlight style

Expression Blend – to bring together design elements and code elements

showing Blend 2.0.  masking video with borders, artwork

switch to animation mode

Configure fly-ins, fade-ins on timeline.  Set video player to fade in at startup.

Awesome stuff!

Woops…  bat signal.  Gotta go put out a fire.  BBL.


This post was originally published on my MSDN blog while I was at Microsoft.