Nov 082006

Paul Foster pulled me aside yesterday to say a few words about Windows Live for the VirtualSide video series that is following the events here at TechEd Europe.  Talking heads here:

Dinner last night was with Steve Teixeira and a few C++ MVPs.  Since none of us spoke Spanish, ordering from the menu was a bit of an adventure.  “I think that’s shrimp.  At least, it looks sort of like the French for shrimp.  It’s a fish of some kind, for sure.”  A bowl of shrimp arrives.  “Who ordered this?”  We have no idea, but it was quite tasty.

For lunch today I wandered offsite with a gaggle of Dutch MVPs, at least 3 of which I’ve corresponded with a few times already in the Windows Live support forums.  They’ve threatened to show up to my next session this afternoon to heckle and make merry.  We’ll see about that…  ;>


This post was originally published on my MSDN blog while I was at Microsoft.