Oct 242006


I’ll be speaking at the Microsoft TechEd: Developer conference in Barcelona Nov 7-10 about Windows Live and the client-side webapp infrastructure and APIs that we’re building.  I’ll do two sessions, DEV210 on the Windows Live platform in general with specific focus on opportunities for developers, and DEV233 which is a deep-dive into the APIs that the devlive team is building to make Windows Live services available to third party developers.

From the TechEd session search:


DEV210 Windows Live Developer Platform
Danny Thorpe
Wed Nov 8 10:45 – 12:00
Detailed explanation of the Windows Live Platform Service and Application Programming Interface (API) offerings for developers including accessing the Windows Live Contacts database, Virtual Earth, geo coding, Messenger Bots and Activities, etc.; road map for future API/Service offerings, structure and usage of APIs for building Web 2.0 Mashup style applications, methods for monetizing applications built with Windows Live Services and APIs offered by Windows Live.
DEV233 Windows Live Platform End-to-End – How to build Windows Live powered Mashups
Danny Thorpe
Wed Nov 8 17:00 – 18:15
Take a deep dive through the Windows Live web application APIs with the Microsoft architect who created them: controls which enable client-side cross domain data transfer, empowering end-users to use their Windows Live contacts with your web site, simple login services, and many others.

I’ll also be in a few Ask the Experts gatherings on Thursday and Friday.

On the way home I’ll be stopping in London for a day of meetings.  Roy, how about that pint?

The timing of all this is rather interesting.  On the one hand, we’re in the middle of implementing localization support in the contacts control.  We’ll have half a dozen languages up and running before MIX07, possibly even before the end of the year.   French will probably be one of the first because we’ve seen a remarkable adoption rate of the contacts control among French language web sites.

And then to top it all off, I just learned of the huge France Telecom deal about Orange Messenger by Windows Live (also on CNN).  I don’t think Orange has ever agreed to a co-branding deal before.  Orange’s European telco competitors must be in a tizzy about now.

At any rate, it should make for some great conversations and excitement at TechEd Europe!

This post was originally published on my MSDN blog while I was at Microsoft.