Jun 112006

The new homepage for Windows Live Developers  has launched!  Whether you call it “LiveDev” or “devlive”, this is the part of Windows Live that is focused exclusively on developers.  Most of the other Windows Live properties are geared for consumers (hundreds of millions of ’em), such as Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger.  For gearheads who want to tap into that customer base and integrate those consumer-facing Windows Live services, go to dev.live.com.  There’s SDKs, documentation, sample code, sample mashups, and discussion forums out there covering the technical development aspects of Windows Live.

I’ll be showing a lot of dev.live stuff this week at TechEd with Ken Levy and a bunch of other folks from our team.  But being out of the office doesn’t mean taking a break from the development madness back at the office – if you see me typing furiously in a corner between TechEd sessions, I’m working on the next stage of dev.live stuff.  (If you see me in a corner with my head in my hands, that’s me debugging stupid browser tricks.  Just hang a sign on me that reads: Caution – Do not disturb. Subject may bite)  We’ll be rolling out new gadgets, mashups, SDKs, and documentation on dev.live more or less continuously over the coming weeks and months.

On the way home from TechEd I’ll be stopping by Toronto June 19 to talk to the Delphi user group there “aboot” tapping into and building upon Windows Live in Delphi apps.  I look forward to getting a second chance to explore Toronto, hopefully this time at a temperature well above freeze-your-butt-off.

And then on to ReMix06 Singapore June 29 to introduce Windows Live in southeast Asia!  No freeze worries there, but I’m told to watch out for Singapore Slings.  They sneak up on you.

Originally published on my MSDN blog.