Nov 292004

Just a heads up note: This blog will be moving to the Borland Blog Central server in the next few weeks. Migration of this blog’s year and a half worth of articles should be fairly painless using Anders Ohlsson’s migration utility (written in Delphi). The hard part will be migrating the viewer comments… not quite sure how to get that done besides brute force cut and paste of each individual comment post. I’d hate to lose that dialog in the transition.

As I was one of the most vocal people nagging John Kaster for more than a year about setting up an official Borland blog service, I’m a little embarrassed to be the last Borland blogger not using the new server. It’s only be up and running for what, a year now? I’ve, uh, been busy? John would probably add “picky” as well.

The main part of the delay for the migration really has been Delphi workload, but other factors are now converging to kick that “round tuit” into high gear. Comment spam has become more than a nuisance. The BDN blog server offers the promise of requiring a real live login (or cookie) prior to accepting a comment post, which will go a long way to squelching the noise. If anyone is silly enough to post spam from a legit BDN login, that account can be easily disabled.

Heads up, John – this old thorn will once again be back on your turf, in your side, and on your case Real Soon Now. ;> (So, how’s the BDN login cookies for comments coming along?)

Woops. Allen’s now finishing up his D2005 What’s New session here at the Toronto conference. I should sign off and look more attentive…