Sep 162004

Brad Abrams apparently sat in on my What’s New in the Delphi Compiler session at BorCon, as well as part of Corbin’s .NET Framework for Delphi Developers. In his blog comments he seems amused by the cockiness of the Delphi crowd. I probably should have warned him about that… ;>

Brad was at BorCon to talk about what’s coming up in CLR 2.0 (aka .NET 2.0 aka Whidbey). I was delighted to hear Brad would be putting in an appearance at BorCon and made a point of marking his 8am (!) Wednesday session as a must-see, despite the unnatural hour.

Unfortunately, I was ambushed by trolls on the way over to his session and dragged off into an impromptu breakfast meeting. Gah! Trolls have such impeccable timing. (good thing they don’t read blogs)

And yes, the Delphi crowd (in the Delphi dev team and the community at large) has more than it’s share of disassembling bit twiddlers. Brad’s kind of geeks.

It kinda makes me want to try to bring back my “Reading Tea Leaves: The Art of Debugging” talk from a few years ago. When I first did that talk at BorCon99 in Philadelphia, I lost a lot of the audience when I got into the dumpster-diving techniques in the CPU Disassembly View. It’s fun to watch people twitch when you switch from source to opcode view. (“Boo!”) The session received high marks in 99, but most of the written comments were along the lines of “I have no idea what he was talking about, but WOW! it was amazing to watch!”

We should create a new technical track for next year’s BorCon:

“Performance Art for Geeks.” (Powerpoint prohibited)