Sep 142004

The Software Delivery Optimization vision rolled out here at BorCon in Boz Elloy’s keynote Monday morning is what I was referring to a few weeks ago in “Corporate Roadmap“. Software Delivery Optimization is a market segment distinct from other “enterprise” segments which has a remarkable lack of industry coverage. There are folks out there claiming to have focus on business optimization, but not for the software nature of business. And let’s face it, the world runs on software. It doesn’t matter what your business is – if you remove the software, the lights go out.

Boz’s keynote referred to the cruel irony that software has been used to improve business efficiencies for every industry in the world – except the software industry. We are the “cobbler’s children” who go without shoes.

Borland intends to change that. Where many have tried to bring business management from on high down into the software ranks (and failed), Borland aims to build upon our software expertise to wed software engineering process with higher-level business process. And when I say “process” here, I don’t mean micromanagement, I mean planning, projection, risk assessment, project status reporting, workflow, resource balancing and a several other segments under a holistic process umbrella.

Borland’s software development tools are the base of the pyramid, and in many respects, will be one of the hubs or control centers for information flow and review.

A large part of Borland’s success has been the result of redefining the rules of engagement to create a market segment we can define, own, and win. Instead of bludgeoning it out on the home turf of a much larger opponent, find a way to define your own home turf in which the opponent is ill equipped to respond. Create the home field advantage. That’s how Turbo Pascal came about, that’s how Delphi and JBuilder came about, and now Dale and Boz and crew are working to apply that to Borland as a whole.

Don’t chase. Lead. Make them chase you.