Sep 132004

“Live blogging” is catching on among this year’s BorCon attendees. It certainly helps to have wireless network coverage blanketing the entire San Jose Convention Center (well, everywhere except the lobby seating area).

Nick Hodges (here), Joe White (here), Marco Cantu, Robert Love (here), Jim McKeeth(here) and others are busily tap-tap-tapping away their visceral impressions during BorCon sessions.

Request to bloggers: When you blog about a particular session at BorCon, please be sure to include a link to the speaker’s URL or blog. Reverse links are highly discoverable using tools like Technorati, Blogshares, Google, and other blogsphere analyzers. The speakers can find out about your blog comments within a hour in many cases, but only if you link to them.

Request #2 to bloggers: Blogging about conference sessions for the benefit of folks at home is great! Go for it! However, please endeavor to do more than just transcribe the Powerpoint slide text. There’s often 5 or 10 minutes of oral information associated with each bullet point on the screen. Give us your impressions of the whole thing, not just the slide bullet points.

Note to readers: Keep in mind while you’re reading these BorCon blogimpressions that you’re reading secondhand information. Small goofs and gaffes are par for the course when you’re scanning through stream-of-consciousness blogs. Take the information in the blogs in aggregate, as an impression, rather than as absolutely accurate in ever minute detail. If you’re looking for absolute detail, you should be at the conference. ;>

(Note: Much of the San Jose BorCon information will be repeated in the regional Borland Developer Conferences around the world this fall – in Germany, France, China, India, Japan and more.)

Woops! Boz is finishing up his opening keynote on Borland’s long-term roadmap and Software Delivery Optimization vision. I’d better wrap this up before the stampede for the door…