Sep 102004

Borland database whizes Steve Shaughnessy and Jens Ole Lauridsen will be giving two talks at BorCon on their managed code database, a pure .NET incarnation of JDataStore. It is an extremely fast database for applications written in managed code languages that let you write database triggers, stored procedures and UDFs using Delphi, C#, or VB.NET. It delivers sophisticated features like automatic crash recovery, fault-tolerant mirroring, row level locking, stored procedures and UDFs and it does it in a footprint of less than 1MB. It runs in process so it delivers terrific performance and reliability and it deploys in a single DLL. It supports the SQL-92 standard for query expressions.

Check out session 1182 Managed Code Database Advantage for the Microsoft .NET Framework Platform on Monday at 2:00 p.m in room J4 And once you’ve seen that, you’ll want to attend session 3236 Writing Applications with a Managed Code Database for .NET on Monday at 5:00 also in room J4.

These two sessions are conveniently on either side of my 3148a session “What’s New in the Delphi Compiler” from 3:30 to 4:45 in Exhibit Hall 1. I’m hoping to slip into one or both of them to hear more about the new .NET incarnation of this great database engine that the Java guys have been raving about for years.