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Sep 012004

How do you spot a pioneer? Look for the arrows in their back.

Troutgirl gets fired from Friendster for blog articles

While I don’t find anything particularly objectionable in her two posts about her work at Friendster, it’s my guess that it was not the content of her posts that got her fired, but the PHP versus Java language holier-than-thou war that erupted in the blog comments. Jihads make slashdot, which leads to wider visibility. Wider visibility of a typical geek instant expert name-calling contest reflects badly on Friendster, so Friendster seeks to distance itself from the mob by cutting its connections to the issue. Somewhere along the line cutting that connection crossed over into cutting Troutgirl as well.

Perhaps her dismissal was a result of her blog, or perhaps a result of the mob response, or perhaps the blog was just a more convenient excuse for dismissal than the real issues. Regardless, Friendster’s response reveals a lot more about Friendster than Troutgirl ever blogged about.

Blogging is a great way to put a personal face on a faceless corporation, or put an emotional boost on a flat corporate mantra. Just make sure the corporation wants the face you’re putting out there.