Jul 022004

Congratulations to the Mono team on their release of the Mono 1.0 platform! It’s taken a mountain of effort by a team of dedicated developers, but they’ve succeeded at what many said was impossible: to produce an implementation of the .NET platform independent of Microsoft.

Why is this noted in the Delphi compiler blog?

  1. I’m partial to underdogs (obviously) and
  2. Code compiled with Delphi 8 for .NET runs on Mono!

When writing your Delphi code with the intent to run on Mono, be careful to avoid everything Win32 related, including VCL, WinForms, and the SysUtils unit. Also, I know assemblies produced by the dccil compiler sometimes contain a remap table that the Mono loader doesn’t like (the dreaded ‘#’ table) but Delphi command line exes run fine out there in Mono land.

Congratulations Mono Team!

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