Jul 022004

Simon Kissel, maker of ChatJet of Borland chatroom fame, has been tinkering again. This time he’s cooked up a way to run the Borland Kylix command line compiler from within the Delphi (6 or 7) IDE on Windows – dubbed “CrossKylix“. Pretty neat trick, considering that the Kylix command line compiler is a Linux ELF executable. Simon’s got it running using LINE – a Linux loader/kernel emulator for Windows.

So I guess this really begs the question: Would people who are interested in deploying apps to the Linux platform use a Windows based IDE to do it?

Linux purists will of course sneer at such a thing and dismiss/eviscerate it as an abomination, but they do that to everything (including native Linux tools). It’ll be interesting to see how well CrossKylix goes over with actual developers.