Jul 012004

I’m pleased to announce that Borland has been elected into ECMA International!

ECMA is the standards body guiding the specification and standardization of items such as the C# language, the .NET Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), and Managed C++ extensions for CLI.

Borland has been participating in ECMA technical committees as a guest for several months now, starting with a series of technical committee meetings last October in England.

Participation in the C#, CLI, and C++ standards committees will benefit Borland and Borland products by increasing Borland’s accessibility to emerging technical standards and awareness of the decisions and debates that went into the making of those technologies. Borland now has a voice in those discussions, helping shape the future of software standards along with ECMA members such as Intel, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Eiffel, and many others.

And to top it all off, we get to tag the ECMA web site with our badge. Gotta love alphabetical sorts…

Microsoft has been asking Borland to get involved with ECMA for quite awhile – partly to broaden the technical expertise of the committees and partly to counterbalance Microsoft’s 800 pound gorilla reputation. Borland’s no 800 pound gorilla, but Microsoft certainly acknowledges Borland’s position as the #1 independent tools vendor. They’d rather have Borland tools supporting Microsoft platforms than other platforms.

For a company whose central them is platform neutrality, Borland has been conspicuously absent from standards bodies in recent years. I set out to fix that last August. It took many months to secure financial commitment for the annual membership dues, and hopes were nearly dashed in the reorg shuffle last December. Many thanks to George Paolini, Borland’s Developer Tools Business Unit General Manager, for green-lighting and funding this endeavor.

Now the real work begins… ;>

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