May 272004

“Will Borland ever officially support the Mono platform?”

“Or is their a clause in the Microsoft Framework distribution which makes it legally tricky?”

There is no clause in any of Borland’s contracts with Microsoft which prohibits Borland from developing tools for non-Microsoft platforms. Microsoft boilerplate contracts often do include such clauses, but we know better than to sign the first paper that comes across the negotiating table.

Sure, Borland tools could support Mono someday. But we’re fully booked for the next 3 years. To put Mono on the menu you’ll have to take something else off. Is Mono worth missing Whidbey? No.

We’re not actively working on Mono tools right now for reasons that should be pretty obvious: resources, revenue, focus, and politics. We are actively monitoring Mono developments via blogwatching, conferences, and the occasional email. Heaven knows Miguel de Icaza has been an enthusiastic advocate for a Delphi for Mono in our conversations, but he also understands the frustrations of resource constraints and market priorities.

It’s not a matter of Microsoft strongarm tactics or any number of other conspiracy theories. If we miss a market window for producing Mono tools, we might miss some potential revenue. So sad. If we miss the market window for producing tools for MS .NET (Whidbey, Longhorn, etc), we’re out of the game entirely.
Eyes on the ball, folks.

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