Apr 212004

First, an apology: This post really belongs in my personal blog instead of the Delphi Compiler Core. Seeing as how I haven’t had time to finish setting up the personal blog, I’m requisitioning this space.

The Road Trip

  • Tokyo Friday, April 23
    Advisor, Customer visit to discuss Delphi for .NET
  • Scotts Valley Tuesday May 4
    Resident, washing clothes.
  • London Wednesday-Thursday May 12-13
    Speaker, user group and customer visits for the Borland UK office
  • Kennett, Missouri Saturday-Sunday May 15-16
    Grandson, checking on the grandparents. 95 and still going strong!
  • Scotts Valley Tuesday May 18
    Home again, home again, jiggidy jig

It’s been a running joke in our group over the past few years that I tend to get more code done when I’m on a plane than when I’m in my office. My stratofortress of solitude will probably come undone as soon as Internet access worms its way into commercial flights.

While I’m sweating the details of multiunit namespaces at 35,000 feet, Tagawa-san will be finishing up some very exciting Win32 codegen work for D9, Seppy will be slaving over dbGo for .NET, Corbin and Adam will be grinding through Delphi refactoring, and Doug and the QA team will be shepherding the D7.01 update through the final phases of testing.

More detail you say? That’s what conferences are for. ;>

Yes, yes, and blogs too. I’ll blog more on D9 in a few weeks.

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