Apr 112004

The results are in: the simplified attribute implementation I proposed for Delphi Win32 a few weeks ago won’t cut the mustard. The minimum functionality acceptible to those who want attributes the most is considerably greater than what we have resources to attempt in the current product cycle. Therefore, I am removing the attributes syntax proposal from this year’s Delphi for Win32 product plan, to make room for things that we can achieve.

You can view the public commentary on the topic here as well as my more detailed wrapup of the discussion here.

I know this is not the outcome anyone was hoping for by this discussion, but it does have a positive side: your feedback has helped us avoid committing our limited resources to creating the wrong solution.

Putting the “raw ore” of ideas that the Delphi team continually sifts through out here for discussion is a bit of a break from the Borland tradition of “say little, deliver a lot”, and not without risk. If you’re the kind of person who prefers the presentation of a diamond expertly cut and polished in a tasteful setting, you should set your browser to monitor the other end of the product pipeline. If instead you’re interested in the long and tedious process (and tons of coal) required to make one of those diamonds, grab your shovel, helmet and lamp, and follow me.

And above all else, no whiners!

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