Apr 082004

Here’s the synopsis of compiler work on the boards for calendar year 2004:

  • Win32 compiler enhancements, including codegen improvements and language enhancements to improve parity with the .NET side of the house.
  • IL compiler enhancements to broaden the .NET push started with Delphi 8 for .NET. This will include more language enhancements, codegen improvements, and reorganized metadata output to better align with informal conventions found elsewhere in CLR.
  • Prepare for “Whidbey” (.NET 2.0). Since the release of Whidbey has slipped out to 2005, we can’t deliver a commercial product to target Whidbey this year. Nevertheless, compiler work to fully support Whidbey’s new IL features has to start now. The biggest item we’re currently exploring is Delphi syntax for parameterized types (generics). We’ve had general syntax ideas cooking for several years now, so fleshing out the details in the spec and catching the caveats has moved very quickly.
  • .NET Compact Framework. Make sure the compiler can import CF symbols and emit CF compatible IL. CF is quite a different platform target than desktop .NET.

While there’s been vocal interest in creating a new Delphi for AMD64 project, it’s just not in the cards for this year. We can’t afford to drop everything to build yet another platform up from scratch, particularly when native AMD64 codegen will be coming under extreme pressure by .NET within the next year or so. Delphi 8 for .NET code already runs as native machine code on AMD64 and Itanium hardware.

More specific details will be posted here as we get things firm enough to publically commit to. Subscribe to the ATOM or RSS feeds so you won’t miss anything. ;>

Plans are forward-looking speculation subject to continuous change. As these plans evolve and take shape, you will read about it here.