Jul 192003

Yes, Linux is still a target platform for Borland. Long live Kylix, and long live JBuilder.

Kylix is a long term investment for Borland just as JBuilder was a long term investment in its infancy. We don’t expect to see overnight financial success from a market that is still in the “emergence” phase. When the Linux market picks up speed, Kylix will be swept up with it, just as JBuilder was launched to stardom on the coattails of the Java market surge and Delphi on the Win95 surge.

Kylix is on a development schedule proportionate to its revenue, as are nearly all Borland products. That means Kylix may not be updated as frequently as Delphi for Win32, or Borland may not assign as many people to work on the next Kylix release as on the next Delphi for Win32 release. That does not imply Borland is withdrawing from the Linux tools market. It simply means Borland is managing its resources as any responsible, profitable business should.

Kylix is the #1 most-used IDE for Linux application development. Period. (Evans Data Corp, Linux Developer Survey, Fall 2001) Kylix achieved a major share of that market within only a few months of its first release, and it has maintained that top position ever since.

Borland has no plans to squander that hard-earned market position.